DXG IP Camera

DXG Camera and Mic at Nose of Audio Section

The Digital eXperience Guardian system has a dual-function camera system. 

One function serves as a CCTV replacement, giving a low-quality picture of the screen to the network, which can be relayed to the projectionist and engineering rooms, and with a VPN connection, to allowed management and NOC IP addresses.

The other function enables a forensic validation capability. The DXG captures a segment of audio and video from the screen for transfer to a forensic mark validatoin company. In the process it digitizes the signal, analyzes for marking details, adds a separate watermark and location overlay, then encrypts the package with AES encryption before sending it to a secure repository for analysis.

These two options are sold separately. The workings of each are trade secrets. Both the IP-network CCTV replacement system and the forensic marking detector are designed so that neither casual nor elegant users are able to make changes in the system (for scholorly or diversion purposes) without alarms and logs, if it is possible at all.

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