HI/VI Test Systems

Myriad equipment for the deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired cinema audience

The entire structure of a digital cinema system is full of potential points of failure. There are batteries on the mothboards of the computers, there are connectors that can be pulled out or not work properly because they are bending too far. There are also many attempts to mitigate against problems, such as redundant power supplies. 

But there is nothing worse, and nothing redundant in the the systems for the deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired audience equipment. Batteries only last a few showings, which means that the staff has to be very vigilent in following charging procedures.

Presuming that the batteries are charged in the glasses or other closed caption and listening systems, then it is up to the server and audio chain to do its work. This is pretty standard stuff and easy to check. Are the cables plugged into the correct slot? Can the signal be heard in the monitor system?

But how do you check the wifi or other signal that is pushing the sound or captions into the auditorium?

That is where the DXG HI/VI Test System comes into play. Order a test card from your HI/VI manufacturer, network it into the DXG network, and it is now part of the Complete System Approach to Quality Assurance.

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