Audio: What problem(s) need to be solved? 

Why do the audience always find the new rattles and hums?

Why doesn't staff discover that the surrounds are too low or that one of the speakers isn't working? or plugged in left/right backwards?

Audience members seem to discern nuance about audio which they don't seem to pick up when the near equivilent is a problem with the picture.

They also complain when the problem doesn't seem to get solved...or stay solved.

Your Digital eXperience Guardian can help you with these. It performs like an expert who comes into the room every night, who can hear new problems and report them back to you for handling.

So yes, you hear tones played through the speakers and get a report back that says the phase is the same as when the system was last tweaked. You can drill down and determine that each speaker is producing sound the same way it was when last tweaked. 

In many ways, audio is more complex than picture. Or, looked at another way, audio knobs and switches and cables and connectors are all much more accessible while digital cinema is all locked up tight in a secure box.

In terms of Potential Points of Failure, there is a lot of possibiltiy with audio.

To be continued...

Download this file (Brochure_Digital_eXperience_Guardian_2US.pdf)Digital_eXperience_Guardian-Press Release.pdf[Digital_eXperience_Guardian-Press Release – A PDF]266 kB

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