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Post Install Compliance Plan

Ten years ago it was OK to have a server and projector and a simple key in between. Subtitles were barely working 8 years ago with only sad promises for closed captions. Now these features and more are much more complex and expected to work every day. 

Compared to the stories we have all heard of installations made every day that don't have any post installation calibration, a hand-held or wall mounted sensor for picture or sound is a great advance.

We should be clear that we have been promoting post-installation compliance in websites and presentations for many years. 

On these pages you will find many details of the products we have designed for the compliance industry. Our first product was for digital cinema, though some of the cards we designed have also been used in our wind farm products.

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Download this file (DCinema_Training_and_Post_Install_Compliance.pdf)DCinema_Training_and_Post_Install_Compliance.pdf[DCinema Training and Post Installation Compliance Presentation 1]3985 kB
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