Using The DXG

Load Digital eXperience Guardian Software on your Windows computer.

Load DXG Finder Software on your Windows computer.

Load the DXG DCPs into the server.

Create a Playlist named DXG_Tests with the sequence that is defined on the latest online DXG DCP Instructions.

Connect your DXG units and your computer to the same network via a router or switch. Use Power Over Ethernet Injectors if your router or switch does not supply PoE 24Volts.

Run the DXG Finder program; select a DXG unit from the left column, then make certain that the network data for that unit is correct (according to the plan).

Click ”Assign”.

Do the same with the other units.

Tweak the audio and picture to specification.

Run one sequence of tests with the DCP and DXG.

Mark that set of tests as the baseline.