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Post Install Compliance Plan

The Digital eXperience Guardian (DXG) began as a tool for technicians – and the audience who appreciates the nuance of quality in a movie's presentation. We hope it becomes part of every cinema's Quality and Security Assurance Program.

The DXG is a network device that measures the relative condition of an auditorium's basic audio and video performance, such as color/luminance and audio levels. The DCPs that run on off-hours develop other test results such as white point and audio phase. The roadmap includes optional cards for verifying forensic systems, network security and the functioning of other tools such as assisted listening and captioning transmitters for the glasses, headsets and other access equipment for the deaf, blind, hard of hearing and sight impaired audience members.

See the attached movie and movie notes for the initial PR on the Digital Experience Guardian.

Click Here to See The Digital eXperience Guardian Movie

We will add tutorials very soon so that terms like White Point become significant in your understanding of why a 2D or 3D movie is or isn't pleasing.

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